Empowering Seniors to Age Abundantly

What does abundant aging look like to you?

Abundant Aging

In the U.S., often the idea of living an “abundant life” refers to economic security. This is often not the situation in many other countries around the world. Abundance and abundant aging is so much more than economic wealth. It can mean so many different things, all rich in their own way.

Abundant Aging
I look at at the many facets of abundant aging. Abundance for most people, young or old, comes down to living a life of fulfillment, a life where priorities are the focus.  What are your priorities as you find yourself moving from one decade to the next? Do you regularly reflect about your priorities and give intentional time to them?
Abundant Aging

Have you thought about a strategy to deal with the unexpected events that may occur as you move from one decade to the next? These and more topics like them are addressed in my newest book, Abundant Aging; A Guide For Seniors and Their Families.


Hi there! I'm Margie, your Senior Transition Coach.

As I have moved into the sixth decade of life and myself now a Senior, I recognize that some of my richest learning experiences about aging did not come from all my years of formal education, but rather, from the older individuals in my life, starting with my grandparents and including the thousands of individuals I have had the privilege to serve over the past 40 years.

I love working with people, especially older people. When I was a little girl, the two favorite people in my life were my father’s parents. Our family is from Poland, my grandparents were affectionately known as “Bushia” and “Poppop.” I believe as a young person, I learned more about the world from their point of view, than from anywhere else. I spent all of my free time with them, in their little humble row home in the city. They were hard workers. My family members were immigrants from Poland. Bushia was a seamstress and Poppop was a janitor at the city hospital, three miles from their home. Neither learned to drive a vehicle. From a young age until his retirement at the age of 75, my Poppop walked to work every day, despite the heat of summer or the snow in winter. He proudly mopped the floors of all the hospital wards every day and then after being on his feet all day, walked home. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

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