“Senior Transition Planning Coach Margie, captures the essence of proactive Senior planning in, “Abundant Aging: A Guide for Seniors and their Families.”

Abundant Aging book
“Senior Transition Planning Coach Margie captures the essence of proactive senior planning in, “Abundant Aging: A Guide for Seniors and their Families,” her second book about the benefits of transition planning which describes the pivotal elements of a solid Senior Transition Plan including health care choices as well as the legal, financial and personal details which every older adult should execute and maintain as their, “ go to,” plan for unexpected emergencies.  Margie’s passionate  plea for all older adults to create their personalized Senior Transition Plan before an unexpected crisis hits, truly empowers Seniors to live and age abundantly.” -Paul Martinelli, internationally-known Peak Performance Coach, high school drop out self-made millionaire

As you order your copy from Amazon and anxiously await your copy of, “ABUNDANT AGING: A Guide for Seniors and their Families,” here is an excerpt from the book that will ask you to consider your thoughts and attitudes about your own aging,

“It is my hope that this book has inspired you to take a look at every aspect of your life as we all do the inevitable, age. It is never easy thinking about change. Our brain at the core is wired to seek out stability. It takes courage and resolve to begin a higher awareness, or way of thinking about the impacts of potential health changes, to allow professionals to discuss and cause us to make educated choices for future health care needs, financial and legal matters, living arrangements and to spend time planning for the fact that one day we will die. For the masses, aging is a time of focus on loss. Yes, it is a fact of life, the longer one lives, the more one has to lose. The converse, based on the laws of nature, is also true. The longer one lives, the more one has to gain. It all comes down to this one truth; YOU hold the keys to your aging process. Will you use the information in this book to empower you to live every day with an abundant aging focus, or will you, like the masses, continue to focus on what you may lose or have lost?”

Abundant Aging book

ABUNDANT AGING; A Guide for Seniors and their Families is available on Amazon. For a personally autographed book for yourself or as a gift, go to the checkout page, complete your billing and shipping info and click on, “I’d like an autographed copy,” a shipping fee of $ 2.25 will be added to the cost of the book.